Kim’s Bio

Kim McGuire is a registered nurse and certified Theta Healer® with over for fourteen years of practice. She is a compassionate and capable healer in every aspect. With her experience working in ICU units and medical facilities, she has witnessed human suffering of all kind. This has led her to discover her true calling; healing people through Theta Healing®. As a registered nurse, Kim approaches healing with a unique ability to integrate knowledge of western medicine into the practice of alternative healing. Her certifications include: RN, certified Theta Healer® and instructor, reiki master, crystal healing, and ondamed practitioner.

For the past several years Kim has worked as a holistic nurse administering IV’s for an internationally recognized holistic MD. She has traveled extensively providing alternative care and nutritional counseling to cast and crew on many film sets, most recently on the set of “Eat Pray Love” in Bali. Kim often consults with doctors and holistic healers, providing support to athletes preparing for high performance. She has collaborated with sports medicine, hyperbarics, chiropractors, and plastic surgeons. She also consults with physicians to offer nutritional IV’s and counseling for alternative cancer care. Kim works with all people seeking positive change, from her perspective all healing is part of a triad: physical, emotional and spiritual. Although she draws on various techniques Kim’s focus is always on teaching people to claim their own healing power.

Her Theta Healing® work gives her a more spiritual approach to what might otherwise be conventional nursing. Looking at the mind body connection to healing, Kim is able to guide each patient to all levels of healing. A powerful teacher, Kim leads groups to find their true-life partner, to manifest, and to tap into their own intuition. Kim believes that everything you are is based on what you believe–when you shift core beliefs, everything around you begins to change in positive ways. She teaches the power to self heal, by connecting with the energy of all that is, which is universal energy. A strong motivator, Kim is able to transform lives on all levels.